Admission Process

The school is a single division school with only one section per standard. Hence admissions to the middle levels depend purely on availability.

Admission to entry levels – Pre Primary and class I

  • The age of the child and the availability of seats are the only two criteria for admission to the entry level. For admission to the pre primary, the child should be aged between 3 and 5 years as on June. For admission to class I, the child should be aged around 6 years as on June.

  • As per RTE Guidelines and the Philosophy of the school there will be no entrance test or interview whatsoever for admission.

    Admission to other classes

  • In the normal course, admission to other classes may not be possible Interested parents may register their requirement and the school will get in touch with them when vacancy arises.

  • Priority for admissions

  • Wards of existing students.
    Persons referred to by our parents.
    Proximity to school.
    Personnel from defense and services.

  • Admission Procedure

  • Registration: This involves collecting the admission form and prospectus. This may be either collected from the school office or downloaded from the school website.

  • As per RTE Guidelines, there will be no charge payable for the application form/ prospectus.


  • This involves filling up the form, attaching the necessary enclosures* and meeting the principal along with the child. It is desirable that both parents are present during admission. The purpose of this meeting is just to orient the child to the school. IT IS NOT AN INTERVIEW

  • Submission of Letters:

  • Parents are required to give a short letter in about two paragraphs citing their expectations from the school. Students seeking admission for class VI upwards will also be required to give a letter citing their expectations from the school.

  • Payment of admission fees:

  • You will be required to pay the admission fee at the school office. On payment of this fee, you will be given a provisional receipt and a welcome pack.

  • Payment of other fees:

  • Payment of admission fee confirms the child’s admission to school. You will be required to pay the other fees like maintenance, tuition and co curricular fees during the month of April

  • For nursery and std I

  • Self attested copy of the birth certificate and adhar card. For other classes – copy of the progress report of the present standard. Transfer certificates may be submitted later.

  • Fee Details

  • Fees may be paid in four installments. The following is the fee structure for different levels

    Head of Fees Budding Stars(Pre Primary) Lilliputs(Stds I to V) Scintillators(Stds VI to X)
    Maintenance 4200 4200 4200
    Tuition 6300 8900 11500
    Co Scholastic 1000 1500 1800
    Total 11500 14600 17500

  • I Installment – on or before April
    II Installment – on or before 10th August
    III Installment – on or before 10th November
    IV Installment – on or before 10th February

  • Admission Fees:

  • In addition, an admission fee, subject to a maximum of one year’s tuition fee is payable at the time of admission. This need not be paid in subsequent years.

  • Payment Options

    1. 1. Cash
    2. 2. By DD in favour of Correspondent, B M English School
    3. 3. By TGS Andhra Bank, Kannur Branch (NEFT Code ANDB0001821) Account of Correspondent, BM English School (Ac 182110100008179)

  • Note :

    In addition a one time admission fee of Rs. 10000/- is payable on admission. This need not be paid for the subsequent years.
    Fees may be paid annually, half yearly or quarterly.
    The fees include all curricular and co-curricular activities. However consumables in the co-curricular activities like balls, costumes etc. will be charged separately.
    Books, uniform and accessories are not included in the fees. These will be supplied by M/s B M Publishing and Allied Services during April/May. The charges will range between Rs. 2000/- and Rs. 5000/- depending on the class.

  • Download Admission Form

  • Will be available soon.