Unique initiatives in schooling

Student friendly learning material

  • The school has made its own learning material for all subjects in the junior school as per the syllabus prescribed by the Inter State Board for Anglo Indian Education. For the higher classes too the school has prepared work sheets and resource material to supplement the regular books.

  • Non Competitive Group Assessments

  • An assessment in this school is not necessarily and examination. Student performance is not reported either in the form of marks or grades. Rather a descriptive progress report is given at the end of each term. This not based just on a three hour examination. Students are evaluated in groups and they are encouraged to discuss and learn from their peers.

  • Know your mother tongue

  • With the aim of preserving the rich linguistic diversity of the country, the school has launched a programme, “Know your mother tongue”. Accordingly every student who does not know his/ her mother tongue will be given basic coaching in that language that will enable him/ her to speak, understand, read and write the language. There will be no set syllabus or examination for this.

  • An active green club

  • The green club of the school grows variety of vegetables regularly. These are grown organically using no pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Students of this club also compost waste and convert them to organic manure. This club helps in keeping the school a zero waste campus. Dr B N Vishwanath, former professor at UAS and an exponent in organic horticulture is the patron of this club.

  • Rotract and the Centre for Social Concern

  • The rotary club of greater Bangalore set up a rotract club in school. This club along with the centre for social concern play an active role in doing their bit to the society. Students undertake tasks like educating the neighbouring village children in spoken English, visiting and spending a day in orphanages, performing musical programmes in old age homes etc.

  • Unique policy on Uniform

  • The school has a unique uniform policy. Mondays and Fridays students come in full formal western uniform with blazer and tie. Tuesdays and Thursday they come in colour dress of their choice. Wednesday is the day for Indian uniforms where they wear Khadi Kurtis.

  • Open House with parents

  • These replace the traditional parents’ meets. An open house is a day where students, teachers and parents get together for sharing and interaction. Normally a tuck shop or some form of entertainment is also organized during the open house.

  • State Celebrations

  • To create awareness about the culture, lifestyle, food and tradition of each state, every month is dedicated to a state. Students read out about the culture and tradition of that stage throughout the month in the assembly. On some days they also come dressed in the costume of that state. Food fests serving traditional delicacies of that state are also organized.

  • BM School and Banjara Academy

  • The school is closely associated with The Banjara Academy for guidance, counseling and life skills training. Many teachers, including the principal are certified counselors/ life skills coaches from the academy. Chairman of the Academy Dr. Ali Khwaja is invited periodically to meet the students and parents. The life skill programme in the school is designed and implemented by The Banjara Academy.

  • Co - Curricular Activities - Performing Arts and Games

  • Apart from regular music classes and games period, every student is given the opportunity to specialize in one performing art and one sport. The school has a highly accomplished music teacher Mr. Neemalan, who has scored music for many events. He is adept at keyboard, guitar, violin and flute. The following is the list of options available.

    Performing Arts

      Contemporary Dance -Indian and western fusion dance, free style etc.
      Guitar - Lead and Chord, with the fundamentals of music.
      Keyboard - Western and Indian notations, with the fundamentals of music.
      Drums - Jazz, rock, light music and folk style beats.

  • Outdoor Activities

  • The options for sports and games includes cricket, basketball, tennis and karate. Mr. Kenneth Fernandez, the sports director of the school co ordinates all the sporting activities of the school. He is a masters in physical education with specialization in rugby and cricket.


      Interested students are given coaching in cricket.


      A qualified Karate Master imparts training in this rich martial art to interested students.


      Professional Tennis coaching is imparted to the students.

    Basket ball

      Professional Basket ball coaching is imparted to the students.